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Tiple Instrument Stand, 3 Instruments

Tiple Instrument Stand, 3 Instruments

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This stand securely holds three guitars or similar stringed instruments, perfectly positioned for presentation but also easily accessible when inspiration strikes. Each stand is made to order, and can be tailored to hold a range of instruments or even a practice amp.

I have now also added the option to have a Cable Tidy on the rear. This gives a rear mounted spool with jack lead holder on it to continently hold a jack lead. Simple slide the quarter inch jack into the perfectly sized hole and wrap the cable! (not available as standard with engraving).

The default configuration is suited to three electric guitars/bass (or other instruments of similar body size). If you have an instrument with a particularly large or small body, this can be tailored to suit your needs.

This stand is made from the highest grade quality Birch Ply, which is sustainably sourced and FSC assured. It has a neoprene foam affixed to the edge to add protection to the instrument. Everything is made to order. Any questions, just ask!

Please note, dimensional changes which impact overall dimensions significantly may incur additional costs in materials/postage, Thanks!

The Item is shipped flatpack, however assembly takes less that 2 minutes, and is simply inserting provided screws into pre-drilled holes. 

This item is designed and made by me, in Tyrone, Ireland.

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