As a Mechanical Engineer and Musician, I was frustrated by the lack of knowledge transfer within the industrys. I saw how claims were unsupported, and technology unutilised. Material science is ever advancing, with processes and technologies constantly evolving. Being both an engineer and musician, I believe I am uniquely positioned to drive innovation and create something never before seen within the industry.

Caulfield Composites

I founded the company in 2021 after years of projects and research.

My researched served as a strong foundation which I built upon since. Developing and refining processes, working with Ulster University and other research institutions, I was able to lab test, refine and develop my approach. My goal was to make the ultimate acoustic instrument. No gimmicks, no comprises.

Composite Materials

A composite material refers to a material that is composed of two or more distinct constituents with differing physical properties. Composites are engineered to capitalize on the strengths of each individual component while mitigating their individual weaknesses.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) is perhaps the most notable example; offering exception strength and stiffness with relatively low weight. However, not all CFRP is created equal. The material can be specifically tuned to each application; which Is what much of my researched focused upon (and what makes my instruments so unique).

  • Simon

    Owner, Designer, Maker and Mechanical Engineer.

  • Cooper

    Front-of-house, Door Greeter and Guest Announcer